Nutrition is medicine

The only way to stop the epidemic of obesity, hypertonia, insulin resistance, diabetes, anaemia and depression is by helping people to maintain a healthy diet and offering them the right food choices.

There is a route to having a healthy life but there is no short-cut to reach that destination. With our technologies we guide people through the journey to help them to change their behaviour and their food. We work with people to understand the physical needs of their body, their dietary habits, their tastes and cooking preferences and we help them to make the best choices and support them to modify undesirable habits, and create new, exciting ones.



We create nutrition MedTech API solutions that can be integrated
with existing Applications & software.

Own products


The products we create depend on customer input. While the solutions we
create are individually tailored, they are driven by technology and science in every case.

FoodToDo - Making food personal

Comprising thousands of recipes and meal plans for diet-related conditions ranging from pre-diabetes to heart disease and obesity, FoodToDo serves as a platform between professionals and their clients that combines the latest IoT technologies with automated recommendations, blood glucose monitoring and a wide variety of features to empower the diet-professional.

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My Insulin Resistance App

Mira Health-My Insulin Resistance App helps primary women to pre-assess their symptoms to determine insulin resistance and support the treatment by nutrition.Women are at the highest risk of developing further conditions related to insulin resistance such as diabetes, gestational diabetes, PCOS and infertility.

With the App, restaurants & food services can calculate their menus and dishes’ health values. It allows them to be transparent, health conscious and follow any requisite regulations.


Nutrition as Medicine

A single food alone, may not be marketed and used as a medicine, but overall dietary patterns can have a major impact when treating conditions and disease. Dietary advice should be given hand in hand with modern medical treatment to improve outcomes. That is why we believe and argue that nutrition is medicine.

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The secrets to changing food behavior, for good

Our food choices are affected by complex psychological processes, as well as by our physical and social environments. Habits are important psychological patterns that are being formed to make our lives easier. Changing them, especially when it comes to food, is not an easy task. Eating a healthy diet takes more than just an app that tracks daily calories and nutrients.

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Join the Equity crowdfunding of the MealPlanner

At The MealPlanner, we believe that nutrition is medicine. To be able to live healthier lives, we need to include proper nutrition as an integral part of medical treatment, but most importantly as the core element of disease prevention.

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Science meets practice: When universities meet startups

Science is fundamental part of developing nutrition MedTech solutions. So as a startup, to properly understand science, where else would you go than to those who study it? Especially if you’re looking for creative young minds that are full of fresh ideas and excitement.

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