Management Team

A fast growing team with 26 people in Budapest, Helsinki, London
Sophie Michelin

BA in Economics & Business Control. Chef-sommelier

20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and business controller. Her strength is in process analyses & high leadership skills. Born to create and make it happen.

"The future is in the hand of our children. As a mother, my number one priority is protect them and every single day I want to work on a project with preserves this future. My way is through healthy nutrition."

Daniel Szohatzky

Self made IT genius and born leader

15+ years experience in web development, team management and technical infrastructure. His strengths are in development processes and release management.

“Being a technical guy with a cooking sense makes the perfect combination for molecular cooking... Well, not quite. But good ground for experimenting new ways in cooking and giving technical background in developing a project with great opportunities and intention to help sustainable and healthy food (to do).”

Mari Lahti

MSc Nutrition , Sports medicine & Social Psychology

Experience in sports nutrition coaching. Her strengths are communication, leadership skills and digitizing nutrition. Always trying to find the perfect balance between science and practise.

Cristian Nechifor
International Sales

BA in International Sales and Marketing Management

7+ years of experience in selling software internationally. Besides his business career, Cristian coaches American Football. He is a multicultural person that has a passion for people and leadership.

"Ever since I started my sports career years ago I’ve been an advocate of healthy eating and food analysis. I believe that selling a product in 2017 requires a much more customer-centric approach and it is my passion to communicate and understand the needs of the people we work with. I invest my free time coaching American Football and cooking delicious meals for my significant other."

Repin Stefan
Growth Marketer

BA in Marketing and Logistics

Worked in several companies in Marketing and Sales for 5+ years
He likes easy solutions and doing more of what works.His strongest skill is coming with
An untraditional “ out of the box “ approach towards problems.Growth and Startup enthusiast, likes to apply science in business.

Zsofia Anna Rutkai
Products Development
Team Manager

BA in International Communication & MA in Design Management

7+ years experience in product management at early stage startup projects. Enjoys supporting product development processes and working with multidisciplinary teams.

“I am a design and project manager with a background in communication. I enjoy supporting product development processes and working together with multidisciplinary teams. Exploring new meals and creating food is my passion. I am a hobby chef and during my life I also could learn the importance of healthy lifestyle and wellbeing which can be part of one's success. I am happy to be part of creating products that inspire people to live a better and more efficient life.”