Functional medicine vs nutritional medicine

Our doctor’s prescription was:

  • – Smoothies with lots of red berries
  • – Bouillons (hot soups)
  • – Certain mixture of herbal tea, and
  • – Some nasal spray, preferably pharmaceutical rather than therapeutical or natural.

I was still happy about the prescription. Because of that visit, we started to talk about nutritional medicine. And being a pediatrician for 40 years, she wasn’t familiar with the words, but she was absolutely the one treating her clients with a nutritional medicine approach.

We all hope that one day, many of the doctors would choose nutritional medicine rather than functional.

As science and doctors need evidence (see Youyou Tu-nobel price winner), there are more and more research supporting that. Nutritional medicine, with our understanding, follows the needs of the patient’s body and translates it to medical need for immediate curing and nutritional advice to support the cure and prevent further diseases. With nutritional medicine, we can support people to modify their diet according to the needs of their body, taking into consideration not just their well-being but also health status. To do that, it is important to collect and analyse the patient’s medical data and combine it with his/her diet habits and food intake. Monitoring all those by IoT and their 24/7 solutions nutritional medicine helps to modify and adapt to the body’s actual need and create bigger and quicker changes to the patient’s health.But most of all, it helps prevent diet-related diseases.

But most of all, it helps prevent diet-related diseases.