We spend less than an hour per day in the kitchen

One of the most significant reasons for the high obesity rate in the US and, increasingly throughout the world, is the lack of cooking knowledge and the use of unhealthy ingredients.

The other interesting aspects of this survey is, the time people spend for cooking. Imagine, you need to do every day minimum a breakfast, prepare some snack, and even if you eat out for lunch you should have some kind of dinner. In the EU countries the cooking time is around 40min/day or some even less. This is the time to prepare the ingredients and cook them. This is the time what today working society can afford to spend in the kitchen. The survey proves that consumer needs recipes not just with 30 minutes preparation and cooking time, but also with 15 minutes. Techniques like grilling in a pan, fresh salads, steaming, sous vide are replacing the old cooking techniques. One course meals such as couscous with vegetables and meats are great recommendations. This type of meals can contain all crucial elements such as protein, carbohydrates, fibers and micro nutrients. The quick meals will lead the kitchen technique to new level, where sous vide technology enters and be used more commonly by households.

The last aspect of the survey shows that there is still hope that home cooking will not disappear if the knowledge is there. People are still passionate to cook, and the different cooking competitions hitting the TV channels, help to increase that needs. We, here at The Mealplanner Inc, we believe that the home cooking is the key to healthy diet. And we accept the fact, that people has only a few time to cook, so we need to give them the tool to do it with joy and efficiency.