Why MNP?

Nutrition professionals have a very important job and one that we believe can often be underestimated in terms of the positive impact they can make to a person's lifestyle. Although the popularity of NPs is slowly increasing in the UK, there are more people than ever in need of dietary guidance.

Over the last several years, there has been an emergence of software designed to enhance efficiency in a range of different professions, but nutrition has not yet had the benefit of such technology. Consequently, nutrition professionals have often had to resort to multiple apps, systems and even simple pen and paper methods to manage their practice, communicate with their clients and create meal plans. This can be both time-consuming and frustrating due to the lack of integration and efficiency that a simple technology solution could provide.

We believe that very few companies have tried to develop digital tools for nutrition professionals due to a lack of understanding of their needs. Furthermore, we have found that the increasing number of nutrition and diet-related consumer apps which aim to 'replace' the need for a nutrition professional, have actually caused the professionals to be wary of embracing technology. In reality, such apps lack the human factor and bespoke care that only a nutrition professional can provide.

This is why we have developed MyNutriPro, the ultimate practice management platform for nutrition and wellness professionals that contains a vast array of tools to aid them on a daily basis:

Launching MNP

We will first launch MyNutriPro in the UK during Autumn 2018. With over 10,000 private nutrition & wellness professionals, the UK market represents an ideal starting ground for our company due to its size, the prevalence of diet-related conditions and the positive feedback we have received from our initial UK-based testers.

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