Join the Equity crowdfunding of the MealPlanner

There are many ways to finance a company. The Board of the MealPlanner decided to use equity crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding nowadays is a commonly used tool to trigger hundreds of individual people who wants to invest relatively small amount of money to a company which can make significant growth. Equity crowdfunding can have high risk. Usually startups are using this financing tools. Startups, which can do great successes or failures. The shares are not tradable on stock exchange, it isn’t so easy to turn the investment into money. On the other hand, if the small investor selects wisely the company then the investment can create higher profit than a traded share or stock. Also many individuals who participate on an equity crowdfunding can take part of something they believe in. They can support new ideas, development and trigger positive changes.

We love this financial solution, and we believe there should be more and more company choosing it, expecially in pre-seed and seed stage. We think that these individual small investors can become not just silent owners but also ambassadors, supporters, advisors. We want to listen to them, ask their opinion, make them part of our core mission.

We are hoping that our campaign will be successful and we can reach our target investment with you.

Looking forward meeting you on our General Assembly! Check out our campaign here!